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The story of the Goro M.U.S.C.L.E.

chapter one
        GORO LIVES.......
    The 2,000 year-old half-human dragon had ruled the Shaolin tournament for
700 years after he defeated Kung Lao. Led by the evil sorceror Shang Tsung,
he defiled the holy tournament. But then a certain Shaolin fighting monk
named Liu Kang entered the tournament. He defeated Shang Tsung and Goro and
took back the tournament. Then he did some other stuff concerning a few
alternate dimensions and thousands of multicolored ninjas. But Goro did not
die. Rayden, god of thunder cursed him, saying that Goro was to leave both
the Earth Relm and the Outworld and never return. Goro than said, "I quit!"
and left, where he got a job as a M.U.S.C.L.E. and eventually found his way
to Patrick Gresham's home page in the World Wide World, where he is paid to
look goofy all day long. TO BE CONTINUED........
        Chapter two: You're not getting a title!
        It was a nice, calm, day in Patrick Gresham's web page, but for Goro it
might as well have been the end of the internet. Not only had he been laid
off the MK series, he also had been forced to stay in a small corner, being
punched into a wall constantly. He was depressed. "I was the best," he told
an archway made of bricks on his day off, "I was the big boss guy in the
video gaming world! Everyone loved me! Then I was beaten up by some two-bit
oriental guy who sounds like the three stooges." The archway said nothing.
After waiting a while, Goro disappeared. He decided to go to the fictional
unemployment office for a better job. Anything was better than this. He
entered into an amazingly large room, containing everyone from the Vorlons
(Babylon 5), to the Shredder and Krang (remember them?). Goro took a number
and a seat next to Eyedol (KI). He looked at his number: 1,247. He looked
at Eyedol's number: 3. They were calling for number two. Goro shouted,
"Look, M. Bison (Street Fighter II)!" Only one of Eyedol's heads turned.
Goro did not know that. When he reached for the number, Eyedol's club came
slamming down on his head.
        Goro woke up later, and saw the entire place empty. It had closed for
The night. Goro was locked in. He shouted, he tried to open the doors, he tried
to get to the phone, but none of it worked. He was trapped. Suddenly, he
heard a voice behind him, "There's no use for such shouting; this place is
closed for the night." Goro looked and saw another Shokan, this one missing
his nose, sitting on a chair. "Who are you?" Goro asked. "My name's
Fred. I'm your gaurdian angel."
        TO BE CONTINUED........

                        Chapter three: It's a wonderful video game

        Goro was stupified (which is amazing, knowing how stupid he is). out of
thin air some strange person with no nose appeared, and said that his name
is Fred, and that he was Goro's guardian angel. "Why don't you have a
nose?" Goro finally managed to ask. "I haven't earned mine yet. Every time
that you hear a frog croak, an angel gets his nose." "I thought it was a
bell ringing, and wings." "That's only in the movies. We up above have
heard reports about yuo complaining to brick archways about your former
days of glory. We have also heard reports of you wishing that you were
never born." "I never wished that." "Oh, great, you just had to ruin it,
didn't you!" The angel shouted, "Anyway, orders are orders, and I am here
to show what the world would be like without you. Away we go!" With that,
they both disappeared from sight.
        "First stop, Mortal Kombat!"
                TO BE CONTINUED....

                        Chapter four: Old school fighting

        "Here we are, Mortal Kombat!" Fred announced gleefully. Goro looked
around, and saw nothing that he recognized. Instead of the glorious
temples, four-armed statues, and outworld warriors there were simply a few
monks walking around, and what looked like the world's dumbest tournament
since Pit Fighter came in to view. "What is this" Goro asked Fred. "Mortal
Kombat without you. This is what it would look like if you had never
existed. Shang Tsung never won the first tournament. The current head is
named Limi Lama." "You're exaggerating. Shang Tsung would have won without
me. Put him in." "Okay."
        The scene changed. Goro saw most of the fighters that he recognized, but
something was wrong. The graphics were just too choppy."Update the
graphics." There. Now it looked like Mortal Kombat again.
     However, everyone could see and hear him, and they were not aware of Fred.
"Hi." was all that Goro could say. Shang Tsung walked up too him, "Who are
you?" He said. Remembering everything, Goro said, "I am Goro. I wish to
enter the tournament." "This tournament is by invitation only. But...Go
     In no time at all Goro had successfully beaten up everyone and claimed the
title of Grand Master. Then Fred reappered. "You idiot! You weren't
supposed to do this!" Fred shouted, stepping over what was left of Liu
Kang. "Come on now, I'll give you another illustration, one that you cannot
change! Onward to the arcades!"
        TO BE CONTINUED...

                Chapter Five: Bleep, blip, zap!

        Goro and Fred entered a land where neither was visible: The Real World.
They entered into an arcade. "This is what the arcades would be like
without you." Goro entered to a horrible sight. There were no bloody
tournament fighting games, just multiple copies of Ultra Super Championship
Edition Street Fighter Alpha 9999 Turbo. With no blood.
        But then, in an old musty corner, with a "game for sale" sign, was an old
MK machine. But Goro did not cheer. there was dust covering the machine,
and the opening theme was "Shang Tsung Lives". No one was playing it."This
is what would have happened without you." Said Fred. "No one wanted to
fight for a tournament that was much criticized just to fight some old
chinese guy. They wanted you, Goro. You were the star." "Just take me out
of here." Goro muttered.
        Within an instant they were back in the unemployment office, a
frog croaked, and Fred got his nose.

                                NOT THE END....
                           TO BE CONTINUED......

                        Chapter six: I'm not done yet

        Goro was back at the office, waiting for his turn. He was greatly
shaken up, but he had an idea.
        Goro stood up, "Ladies, gentlemen, and whatever else you are," Goro
announced, "We have been treated unfairly! We have all been laid off for no
good reason! Except for all of you soap opera people." Everyone cheered.
The secretary grimaced, she was in trouble now. Eyedol stood up, "Goro has
a point, I think that...that.....that....that...Oh, drat, I've stopped
thinking again." The entire cast of Power Rangers supplemented, "We have
all been thrown around, and it's time we did something about it!" Shredder
and Krang stood up, "We're mad as shell at those ninja turtles, and we're
not going to take it anymore!" "That's the spirit," cried Goro, "What shall
we do about it?" "Blow up planets." The Vorlons and the Shadows said in
unison, but were quickly frowned out by the crowd. A dinosaur stood up, "I
was the boss in Primal Rage, and now look at me!" Goro looked at him,
"There was no boss in Primal Rage." "Not when it was edited!" Came the
reply. "So, Goro shouted, I say that our first business is lunch! Onward!
To Victory!" The crowd cheered again.
        And so, together they all left the building, ready for a big change in

                                    TO BE CONTINUED.........

                                    Chapter Seven: Taco Bell

    They ate lunch at Taco Bell that day, and discussed plans on retaking the
entertainment world. Baxter Stockman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) said
that everyone else should all be turned into flies. Lord Zedd (Power
Rangers) said that the world was his, and he can do what he pleases,
anyway. Kintaro(MK 2) just sided with Goro. Cinder (KI) wanted to burn all
those responsible for their being laid off. Eyedol just liked the Kid's
Meal toys.Goro did not approve of any of these ideas (Except for the one about toys        
toys.). He wracked the small brain that he had to try to find a solution.
Then it came to him. When they were all done eating, Goro stood up and
offered his solution: "Everyone! I have an idea! Let's form a union, and
then get the respect that we deserve!" Cries of "Hear, hear,", "Yeah!", and
"*hic*" filled the small restaurant. The company marched back to the office 
to claim their own.
                                TO BE CONTINUED.......

                        Chapter Eight: United We Stand!

    The crowd marched in to the once-empty unemployment office, prepared to do
business. There were going to be some changes made around here.
Before anyone could speak, two figures entered the room. Fred (with a nose
now), and a man dressed in a very formal suit with a rigid look to him. "I
am The Mouth Of Entertainment." He said, and truly that was all that he was
known as; for he had worked so long for the god of entertainment that he
had forgotten his real name.
"State your demands." He said in an evil voice.
Goro stood up, "I am Goro, former champion of the Shaolin Tournament in
Mortal Kombat. We of the new union will state these demands: "One: That if
we do not find a job, then we will be paid full pension for our former work
and will be remembered and loved by many. Two: That you will stop laying
off so many of us." At this the G.I. Joe crowd cheered. "And three: That
you will be nice to us, for once." Fred spoke up, "Goro, is this all that
you got from our journey together? I was sent to teach you to accept your
fate, not wish that something else should be done. Now go home, all of you.
We will not cave in." Everyone brandished their weapons. "Okay, okay!" The
Mouth Of Entertainment shouted, "We will give in, but only under these
circumstances: For the next three days no one will be laid off. If you can
get total unanimous support, then we will give in."
    Everyone looked around. They seemed to have everybody. But then they
realized who was not there: The M.U.S.C.L.E.s!

                        TO BE CONTINUED.....

                          Chapter 9: Divided we sit!

  There. There was only one more task to do: Make about 240 Wrestlers join the 
new union. All of the M.U.S.C.L.E.s were currently in Patrick Gresham's page, on
vacation (They always hang out there). The entire union managed to squeeze
into the main room where all of the Unusual Creatures Lurking Everywhere
were currently situated. Because Goro had had previous experience with
these durable rowdy wrestlers from all over, and because no one else wanted
to talk to them (Except Eyedol, but he also wanted to pound them all into
the ground), so Goro started his dangerous task. "Attention, everyone!"
Goro shouted. No one listened. "Hello?" "Hey! Listen to me!" "Free snacks
for all!" At this, everyone turned, and the two representatives walked up,
"Give us the food," M.U.S.C.L.E. man stated, "Or die," Terri-Bull added.
Clearly this was not going as planned. Goro thought quickly,
"Wait...uh...Aha! I'll give you your free food at 5:00, at the meeting
room. We want to talk business with you."  The M.U.S.C.L.E.s lokked at each
other, and without further consultation voted for number one OOPS! Wrong
story! "Okay, we agree. But we will talk at 5:00, while eating."
M.U.S.C.L.E. man stated, and Terri-Bull added, "Or die." They walked off

                        TO BE CONCLUDED.....


                                Chapter 10:

                           All Good Things..... 

  The Meeting room was being occupied at the time, so the new union decided
to hold it elsewhere. First they tried Rivendell (Tolkien's books), but
there was some council about some little insignificant object going on (a
ring, they said). They tried place after place, even the local Taco Bell,
but alas, that too was filled at the time.
  "There is only one more alternative," Goro said, "The M.U.S.C.L.E.'s
wrestling ring!" (Dramatic music sting needed at this point) So they held
the meeting there, at the ring.
  They managed to squeeze a food table in, and put a bowl of popcorn on it
(The stores were sold out of everything else, these people were desperate).
There were 237 pieces of popcorn in the bowl, one for each M.U.S.C.L.E.,
and one for Goro, who was hungry. The rest of the union huddled in a corner
of the room (Amazingly, considering how many there are!), and waited for
the M.U.S.C.L.E.s. The durable, rowdy wrestlers from all over and their
announcer, Ted Doppler, entered the room.
        They ate.
        They complained.
        Trouble brewed.

        M.U.S.C.L.E. Man, Terri Bull, and a wierd guy with a metal tube on his
head entered the ring where Goro was standing. The weird M.U.S.C.L.E.
passed out from something or the other and laid on the side of the ring.
  "Where's the food?" M.U.S.C.L.E. Man shouted, "Or die," Terri-Bull added.
"The stores were out." Goro said, trying to conceal his nervousness. It didn't work.
  Tension was mounting in the large room and around the ring. They wanted
more food.
   A fight broke out! Everyone fought each other, M.U.S.C.L.E.s and whatever
else joined in the fracas. A yellow fishman started to crawl into the ring.
The weird M.U.S.C.L.E. with the tube head was still out. M.U.S.C.L.E. Man
turned on Terri-Bull, and while turning hit Goro with a punch that would've
floored a rhino. Goro was sent flying back onto the ropes, and collapsed in
a daze.
   The fighting was so fierce that the entertainment officials found out
about it, and the Mouth Of Entertainment and Fred were sent to solve it.
They burst into the room, and all fell silent.
  It was basically a freeze-frame picture of a fight. The characters were
locked in battle, and startled by this sudden appearance, they stood still
and fainted (Not what you'd expect, huh?)
  Fred woke Goro and M.U.S.C.L.E. Man. All that they could get out of Goro
for a few hours was "Struck by lightning! Struck by lightning!" So they
turned all of their attention to M.U.S.C.L.E. Man. Fred explained the union
deal, since Goro never had a chance to, and M.U.S.C.L.E. Man quickly agreed
to it on one extra term: That Goro become a M.U.S.C.L.E. When Goro could
think again, he was horrified at first, but, seeing no other way out,
joined the unusual small creatures as their 237th member. The union had
won! Yay! Goro had become somebody!

  Epilogue: Goro was soon outfitted in Roman Centurion-style armor, wings,
weapons, and a hole in his back. His M.U.S.C.L.E. was extremely rare, the
only picture of it on the internet being on Darrin Vindiola's page. Goro
(Now called Ares) and all of the other characters lived happily ever after
CUT!!! Why do stories always end with that sentence? Couldn't we have
something different for a change? Okay: Story Ending Revision: Happily ever
after was how Goro (now called Ares) lived.

                              THE END
       This fan fiction story has been brought to you by.........
      John Morey




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