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Movies and TV shows Featuring Nunchakus

Half Baked- One of Samson's hench-chicks does some basic double criss-cross moves, and some quick single-chuck action. She also exposes one of "the northern states" when she wrestles with Scar Face.

Fast Forward- An example of the nunchuck fad of the 80's. Some break dancers encorporate a nunchuck display (I have no idea why) in with their dancing routine in at least 2 scenes.

Sidekicks- So far, this is the best display of free-form nunchucking I have seen in the movies. Barry enters his nunchucking talent as his part in the team competition, and his stunt double puts on quite a display of double chucking. This scene also demonstrates how crucial lighting and nunchuck color are to the illusion of higher rotation speed.

Dragnet- There is a scene where 3 guys attempt to mug Friday, yet he beats the hell outta them, including the guy with the nunchucks, who throws out some basic manuvers as intimidation. This scene interests me especially because it shows the 80's belief that only gang members use nunchucks. Friday also throws the chucks in the trash can, why didn't he keep em! UGH!

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story- Bruce uses his nunchaku skills to finally kill the demon shogun that haunted his mind. Basic figure 8 defense pattern used, but the kill move was choking the demon with the string. Good idea Bruce! Also, I just generally recommend this movie, it is one of my faves.

Bruce Lee films- I must generalize this catagory for many reasons. First, Bruce is such a prolific actor, it would take me too long to list them individually. Also, (and this is embarassing) I have not yet had the chance to see his films all the way through. He seems to use his nunchakus in nearly every film, so pick one, and chances are you'll find a good number of nunchaku scenes.

Short Circut 2- Ok, I admit this one is a stretch, but it also shows the "gang" cliche of nunchakus. A member of "los locos" prepares to assault Johnny Five with some whirling chucks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie- A classic for any child of the 80's as well as any nunchaku/martial arts fan! Michaelangelo demonstrates great use of nunchucks (impressive display of other weapons as well by the other turtles). This is also the one with the famous nunchucking duel with the chucker in the foot clan. That guy had some good moves too!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II- One particular nunchuck scene early on...only with... beef sticks...hmmm... moment of zen here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III- Now, I'm assuming that Mikey did some nunchaku scenes, but I don't remember, so correct me on this one if I'm wrong guys.

A Very Brady Sequel- Roy flashes some quick basics with a rather neat looking pair of chucks. Peter later accidentaly hits his father's boss in the head with them, a scene which brings back memories of my early practice!

Nightmare on Elm Street 4- I am one of the few "Nightmare" fans who actually liked this one. Rick does some basic trade off and figure 8's. After he is stabbed by Mr. Krueger, his sister picks up on his skills and demonstrates some of the same, but also some "behind the back" trade offs, which I find difficult at any great speed.

Wayne's World- I'm 99% sure that it was part one. Anyways, when they are in the diner and open the door to all the military training, you can see a guy doing some complex nunchaku moves in the background.

Fight Club- First of all, I highly recommend this movie. It has become one of my favorites of all times. In One scene, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) can be seen in the background doing some clumsy nunchaku moves. Superb movie.

Me, Myself, and Irene- I haven't actually seen this movie, but anyone who has seen the trailer knows that the midget (Tony Cox) wields a pair of nunchucks as he bashes our friend Jim.

High School High- Towards the end of the movie, one of the feminists in the restaurant whips out some moves with nunchucks.

TV Shows

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- My inspiration! This show provides healthy doses of nunchucking scenes. Also note that in the early episodes' intro, Spinter pronounces "nunchakus" phonetically. An intersting thing to note is that Mikey's weapon of choice changed all of a sudden to ...a *turtle shell grappling hook*??? WHY!?!?!? I am still angry about that. I'm willing to bet that parents complained that too many kids were starting to show interest in nunchucking...and what's wrong with that?

The Powerpuff Girls- The only reason I mention this is because in a particular episode where Mojojojo kidnaps the mayor, he uses what the girls call "num-chucks". This is the first time I heard the bastardization of "nunchucks" on TV.

-------New Shows-------

WWF- I can't believe I forgot this one! Any wrestling fan knows of "lethal weapon" Steve Blackman's nunchaku skills. He does the glow-in-the-dark ones too!

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues- As irony would have it, just after completing my list, I flip the channels and sure enough, this show is on, and there's a lot of nunchucking going on.

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