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My Life With Nunchakus

Nunchakus, Nunchucks, Numchucks, Numbchucks... all names (some really butchered) for the dynamic entity made from two sticks bound together and used to put on amazing displays of physics in motion (It also looks really kewl!). On this page I provide a historical backgound ***(see below) for nunchakus, resources for seeing and buying them, and also some real video clips of my own humble nunchuck displays.

I'm not a typical nunchakus artist, I don't even take martial arts classes, and never did. Wanna know why? Do you really??? FINE! I'M TOO FAT! OK! ARE YOU HAPPY! ok ok , I'm calming down.... breath.... ok. Anyway, when I, like much of America's youth, saw Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles use the mighty nunchakus, I was hooked for life. Shortly after that, I purchased my first pair at the tender age of 12. I didn't do much with those as they were "speed chucks" with short sticks and a long chain. After a few years and a few bruises, my brother introduced me to mail order weapons catalogs. I can't recall off hand which magazine it was, but it was an awsome one. At 14 I ordered my "professional chucks" as the magazine called them (classic black hardwood with chain/swivel). I beat the heck out of myself with those! I also learned fast. I am proud to say that I am totally self taught by a method of trial and error, aside from clips from TV. I practiced every day and accumulated quite a collection of different pairs.

My moment of glory came when I saw myself on video camera for the first time during the filming of a history project freshman year. I was a nazi with nunchuck skills on Omaha Beach. Ok, so it makes no sense, but I got an A+ so there. It was a smash hit scene with my class, and I finally had a talent that I could call my own, and be truely proud of. My buddies instantly requested that I show them the ropes of nunchucking, which I happily agreed to! Eventually I came up with a method for teaching my friends the basics of nunchuck use. I show them everything from the basic physics, to complex manuvers with 2 pairs.

Now, I'm not claiming to be the "god of nunchakus", so don't get that impression! The last thing I need is a grand master from Okinawa coming over here and smacking me around. I'm just a major fan of these tools of entertainment and excrushiating (mostly self inflicted) pain. I'd love to chat with fellow "chuckers" as Michaelangelo so elequetly labled in TMNT 1. Also, I've heard the "Beverly Hills Ninja" comparison ad naseum, so don't start with that. I get that from my brothers enough as it is! Besides, I'm actually decent with them for a big guy.

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*** The history page was created by my friend Sami. It is such a complete history that it would be a crime to just reiterate what he has on his page.