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    Hey there. This page is dedicated to one of my favorite hobbies, and that is wielding (neat word) the nunchakus. I'm not a student of many years, nor do I have numerous stories of heroism where me and my nunchakus have saved the day, I just picked up my first pair of these babies when I was 12 and was hooked ever since. I have never had lessons (except for Michaelangelo and various other demonstrators on TV) and can honestly say that I have learned a few tricks. As of now my scanner is FUBAR but will hopefully be back in a few weeks. With luck, you can see some video of my little tricks in the area below, but I don't know about viewer capabilities or whatnot (I had my microsoft-certified brother do all that work for me!) but I was told that this is the most popular viewer. Well, check around and see a bit of my shrine to nunchakus.

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I live with 20 people. We eat together.We feed the pets together. I have a dog and a cat.


My friends are cool - they all have Tripod pages!


I like swimming, fishing,and making Tripod pages with the new Homepage Studio