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Other Nunchaku Sites

The Yahoo Nunchaku Club

The Yahoo Okinawan Kobudo Club

The Yahoo "Masters of the Chucks" group - just click join to enjoy the group.

Edification is an excellent page covering many aspects of Martial Arts including nunchakus. Has many video clips for members.

An excellent Karate/Nunchaku page where you can buy a custom nunchaku teaching video at a very good price! It is one of the few videos on the market that cater to the nunchaku artist.

A martial arts store with high quality nunchakus and other weapons

Jessica's Karate and Nunchaku page Some excellent information on Martial Arts and stunning video clips of nunchaku demonstrations including stuff not shown on this page!

The Nunchaku Guild An intricate and growing page with lots of information.

Alex Levitas' Nunchaku Page This page existed long before mine. LOTS of information here.

Extreme Nunchaku a Growing page that shows promise as being a resource for hardcore nunchaku artists.

New Nunchaku Page This page is an excellent source for legit katas for nunchaku.

An excellent web page about an art that any nunchaku artist can admire and appreciate for it's asthetics and dazzling display of talent. A MUST SEE to believe.

Soulgrind's very well made Nunchaku page with well made video clips, explaintions, and much more.

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