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These are my custom-made "Flash-Chux". A few years ago, I attended a weapons form competition at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Classic and saw an impressive demonstration by a team using nunchaku that I had never seen before. They were very light in weight and caught the light in an amazing display. I inquired to the instructor as to where he came about those pairs. He made them himself, and offered to make a pair for me. The time and effort needed to create them necessitated quite a sum that he was asking for, and I simply did not have enough. After that, I tried purchasing other pairs, modifying them in different ways (see the pictures section) but finally took the time to design my ideal pairs. I wanted nunchaku specifically for tricks and highly IM-practical fun techniques (finger spins, double flips). It is good to have other nunchaku for good ol' fashion tree branch whacking, but these are specially designed for a freestyle display rather than for use as a weapon. I created Flash-Chux for myself a year ago, and they are still holding flawlessly. You can see them in action in the video clips on the main page.

How Flash-Chux are better for freestyle nunchaku techniques
Sticks: Flash-Chux are made from 12 inch x 3/4 inch diameter Oak dowls which are very durable yet light. Most wood nunchaku are appoximately 1 inch in diameter. The smaller diameter is perfect for easy catching, wrist flipping, and grip.

Rope: Flash-Chux are tied with nylon cord in the Traditional way with a slight variation, I string my nunchaku TWICE. This creates more strength and I found that having a square cord formation (when pulled tight during use) allows more control than a rectangular cord formation as caused by a single stringing.

Length: The rope length is several inches smaller at about 3.5-3.75 inches (small variation inevitable) as opposed to 5.5 inches (chain, roped are sometimes longer)as found in most commercially sold nunchaku. This length corresponds to the width of my palm. What this means, is that wrist flips are much easier to accomplish and can flow into impressive combinations. The shorter rope also creates a tighter, faster spin - but is not TOO short to inhibit flashy techniques.

Coating: The joints are coated lightly with candle wax which prevents excessive fraying (very slight whispy fraying is inevitable with roped nunchaku, mine after over a year of HEAVY use have only slight frizzing). The upper 1/4 of the nunchaku is covered in multi-layered electrical tape, which provides an excellent grip. A very slight ridge created from the tying of the rope also provides extra grip, but is not too big for comfort. The bottom 3/4 of the sticks are covered in prismatic tape (choice of gold or silver), which is very reflective and creates a dazzling effect when in use. It allows the nunchaku to be seen even when spun at high speeds.

So many people have asked me where I found the nunchaku used in those two clips on my main page, I decided to make them available from this site. I remember how I wanted a pair like these, but the maker was charging quite a bit, so I'm offering them at a much lower price. Each pair is hand made by my father and I, and tested out by myself to ensure quality (aren't I special? ;) ). These are NOT WEAPONS, these are a version of traditional nunchaku for safe, no-contact freestyle display. Plus, if you happen to whack yourself, pain is minimum. Trust me, I've beated myself quite a bit practicing with these pairs. They make ideal pairs for both practicing and executing freestyle techniques.

Cost: I am offering each pair (2 sticks, one rope- just for clarification)for $20. Shipping is a flat $3 in the continental USA (Email Me about orders from elsewhere). Thus, if you buy 2 pairs, total is $43, not $46.

I have created a completely separate email account for business. Email Me Here for all orders or questions.

For all other email comments or technique questions,
Email me Here. Keep in mind, email from this account piles up, so there may be as much as a few weeks for a reply, I appologize in advance, but I do make a point of saving each message until I respond :). Thanks a bunch!

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