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Yes, I am going to make a VHS tape of my nunchaku techniques due to many requests for closer looks, and people not having the chance to see my online clips. This is now a project that my father and older brother are helping me in, so it looks like it's going to be nice quality (considering it's amature of course). Here are a few details about the video...

I am aiming for at least an hour worth of footage, most likely closer to 90+ minutes.

The most likely cost will be $20 plus shipping. Trust me, I'm not profiting from this, the money will go to repay my parents for a digital camera, editing software (which should provide some interesting effects), a nominal fee for my father running the packages for me while I'm at college, and the VHS tapes (we can't mass copy it, they require bulk purchases, for which I have no money).

I am going to cover every aspect of my personal techniques including grips, basics (passes, spins, strikes), intermediates (some combos, wrist flips, other passes etc.) and all my advanced stuff (stuff not seen yet on my page, more wrist flips and turns, finger spins, aerials) and then combos and double nunchakus (mostly symmetrical, with some (made up on the spot, I assure you) asymmetrical stuff.

I'm not doing this as a show, I decided to really do my best to make this an instructional tape in FREE STYLE. I'm not doing any self defense (aside from strikes I guess), joint locks, take downs, sparring or anything of that nature. Also, I won't be going as fast as you see on the page, I know the clips are blurry at times. I'm going to show very slow, and build up.

I'm only going to use 2 different kinds... my foam covered practice pairs (and that is what you should use too, so as not to hurt yourselves and for legal matters), and my home made demonstration pairs.

This is a biggie... I am totally 100% not responsible for people hurting themselves, that's the one factor that gets me a bit nervous. Expect to get bruises, that's all a part of learning, trust me, it's all good. Again, I advise you to use practice pairs.

Shipping in the USA should be $3.00 via UPS. As for Shipping in other countries, I'll have to check on shipping methods so that you can get the best deal. I don't think I'll be shipping to Australia on the advice of a friend, legally, that might be bad for me.

Also, I believe I will be able to use Paypal for quick payments. Money order would be best, or checks, in US funds. Gosh, I feel like a business man :) But seriously, I'm doing this just as another attempt to help people out. Who knows, maybe in a few years, I'll pick up enough new knowledge (hopefully improve my double nunchaku as well) to make another tape. Feel free to write me about any questions. I assure you, I will put a lot of effort into this, because I would NEVER feel right about asking for money unless I was proud of the quality. Thank you very much for your support, I'll post here when the VHS is finally ready (most likely in a few weeks).

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