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The Terri-Bull Story

                        TERRI-BULL: MY STORY

                                 Chapter One

    They called me evil. They called me bad. They called me Terrible. They
called me the head of the Cosmic Crunchers (Actually, that was true). Call
me what you want, but my name is Terri-Bull, and I am here to clear my
    It all started fifteen years ago, five years before the big tournament.
The year was 1982. The place was Japan. My rich uncle Horri-Bull had just
died and left me with his entire estate FOR PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING PURPOSES
he had said. That meant that I was to go into wrestling.
        Unfortunately, I did not know a thing about wrestling. But I decided to
fight, anyway.
                        TO BE CONTINUED.........


                        TERRI-BULL: MY STORY
                        Chapter Two

        I decided that the best way to enter into professional wrestling was to
fight in the first tournament that I came across. I already had had some
background in fighting, and was quite good at it; so it was worth a shot.
    I entered into the local Kinnikuman tournament, and was immediately set up
against the first fighter, a potato with arms and legs. The fight was not
for one hour, though, so I bought a hot dog and tried to check out the rest
of the competition.
    There were eight fighters in all, none of them professional. A Hulk Hogan
impersonator, a scrawny guy with the word "Texas" written on his shirt. A
yellow four armed guy with a small black topknot ponytail (He made it big
later on). A wimpy guy with long hair, the potato, myself and one other
    It was that other fighter who ruined my life. He stood at an average
height, he had a somewhat muscular build, and he had a mask with a japanese
character written on it, and a crest on the top of his helmet. He called
himself MUSCLE Man. Cocky little freak!
    I was nice to him, though. I introduced myself to him, and TRIED to shake
his hand. But would he even make that small gesture? NO! He looked at me,
and laughed! Everyone joined in laughing with him! It embarassed me so
much, that when I fought the potato guy, I turned him into french fries!
                           TO BE CONTINUED.....

                        TERRI-BULL: MY STORY
                                 Chapter three

    The tournament went on. Both MUSCLE Man and I semmed to tear through our
opponents like a hot knife cuts through butter. It was only a matter of
time before we fought each other. Then, with that victory, I would have won
it all and been the champion forever. But it was not to be.
    When the fight started, I led with a right hook, knocking my opponent to
the floor. He got up before I could pin him. MUSCLE Jerk then charged at me
headfirst, hitting me with that crest on his head, and knocking me to the
floor. I kicked up quite literally, knocking him back. Then I decided to
charge. I ran forward, full steam, and smashed right into him. It could
have won the match for me, but MUSCLE Man was too smart. He grabbed my left
horn, pulled to the left and twisted. There was a loud cracking noise that
filled the stadium. Half of my horn fell to the mat with a thud. I followed
it in pain.
    MUSCLE Man pinned me, and I was down for the count. I didn't care. The
tremendous pain from that horn being broken of was too much. I left in
shame, taking my broken horn with me.
        I vowed revenge for that humiliation.

                        TO BE CONTINUED.......

                        TERRI - BULL: MY STORY
                                   Chapter four

    I recovered from my crushing defeat soon after. But not totally. I had
decided that revenge was the only salve for my new wounds, and that MUSCLE
Man would fall!
    MUSCLE Dweeb had just become famous, and at that time had built up a
little team of fighters who liked him, called "Thug Busters". I decided to
counter with my own team. After much work on deciding a name, I picked
"Terri-Bull's Heroes".
    But I had no one on my side. Yet. How did I get them, you ask? Ah, that
will have to wait until the next chapter in my story.

                                TERRI - BULL: My Story
                                Chapter Five

        I decided to start my team the easy way: Advertisement. I walked into
Vox news studios, and hijacked it temporarily. In the middle of the news, I
        "Ladies and gentlemen! I am Terri-Bull! That's my name, not a title. I
here to make an announcement! From now on, I will be MUSCLE Man's no.1
enemy! I will form a rival team, Terri-Bull's Heroes, and I will conquer
the Thug Busters! Anyone who wants to join should meet with me tomorrow at
The Statue Of Muscularity! See me there at noon!"

        They came in by the droves. I easily had as many as MUSCLE Man.
        I invited a guest speaker, Cosmo Cruncher, but he died in a car
on the way there. So, I did what anyone would do: I renamed my team. We
were now the Cosmic Crunchers! We would win! Watch out, MUSCLE Jerk!

                                   TERRI - BULL: MY STORY
                                        Chapter Six

        With my team formed, my strength renewed, my migrane headaches gone, I
*NARF!* Oops! I set out to destroy my hated enemy, MUSCLE Man! This was
going to be my finest hour!
        We issued our challenge, and waited for a confrontation. And waited.
waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And
waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And
waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And
waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And
waited. And waited.


   And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And

                                TERRI - BULL: MY STORY
                                Chapter Seven

        And waited.

                                TERRI - BULL: MY STORY
                                Chapter Eight

        And waited.

                                TERRI - BULL: MY STORY
                                Chapter Nine

        And waited.

                                TERRI - BULL: MY STORY
                                Chapter Ten

   And gave up. We gave up waiting. Surely our challenge was not going to be
met by the Thug Busters. But at that moment, there was a huge crash! They
finally came! We fought. And fought. And fought....You get the idea. We
fought to the finish. We fought to the end. We fought like madmen. And
ended in a draw. MUSCLE Man and I became well known as rivals from that day

                                TO BE CONTINUED......

                              TERRI-BULL: MY STORY
                              Chapter Eleven

    In the time after the big battle, MUSCLE Man and i became extremely
popular, doing news interviews (Barbera Walters!), movie camios (It's a
Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Toilet
Bowl), commercials (Carpathius Kline, Meaties brand cerial), and so on. We
even fought from time to time, when the Paparazzi wasn't around.
   Eventually, one day, all of the Cosmic Crunchers and Thug Busters
to end this charade very quickly: with a tournament! A tournament of
champions! And not just an ordinary tournament! It would be more like a
brawl, with people flying everywhere!
        We met in the Shoe Stadium, and prepared for battle

                            TERRI-BULL: MY STORY
                         Chapter Twelve: The Final Chapter

    We met at precisely noon, July 20, 1987, and then the battle began.
 Hordes of fighters crouded the ring! The cowboy and death fought in one
corner! The guy with the pipe head was knocked out! The fish crawled into
the ring! The computer was worried! MUSCLE Man and I, Terri-Bull, faced
each other in immortal combat (I wish). MUSCLE Man knocked Goro aside, as
the general looked on. I pounced. And missed. So did MUSCLE Dweeb. It went
on and on, blow after blow, until we were all to dizzy to see straight. In
desperation I grabbed MUSCLE Man's mask, and pulled it off.
     Everyone fell silent. Especially me. MUSCLE Man was really my uncle,
Horri-Bull, who was not dead! He looked at me, and called in two men in
white coats with butterfly nets who explained it all.
     "Mr. Terri-Bull," one started, "This was all a psychological experiment
from your kindly friends at Unicron Corp. We collaborated with your uncle,
to see how you would respond to this sort of situation. All of the fighters
you see here are fake." "Hi!" the fish shouted.
    "It's time to go home now, Terri-Bull. Come with me." The doctor

my arm and was prepared to take me away. He did not know about my five
years of training. I knocked out both doctors, and fought my way through
every one else. They followed me in a high-speed car chase, which ended in
an accident. I barely managed to crawl away. I was presumed dead, and my
supposed death was blamed on the Paparazzi.
   Since then, I have tried many jobs, but now I've found one that fits me
just fine. I'm no longer TerriBull: The Magnificient.
        I am:

                          TERRI-BULL: PRIVATE EYE

                                          THE END

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