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Why M.U.S.C.L.E.S are cool

M.U.S.C.L.E.s are the coolest action figures. They are probably the most versitile toys ever as well. You can use MUSCLEs for any occasion. They can take the place of a voodoo doll and you can torture them while pretending that they are some person who has been very evil toward you. I remember vividly when I was 4 years old and this kid wouldn't share the building blocks, so I went home and killed him...well, not really KILL him, just pretend to. Playing with MUSCLEs, for me at least was like manipulating little souls which I COULD CRUSH AT ANY TIME I WANT!!!...O.K. I'm calm now.

I also found that MUSCLEs were good for decoration. I would set them up all over my room, it looked pretty cool because at the peak of my collection I had well over 300 not counting doubles. I also found that they made nice tokens of friendship. I would give some to my freinds for them to keep in memory of me. For some reason I became obsessed with freezing things in the ice trays, especially MUSCLEs. I never really kept track of mine consistantly so I found them in my drink sometimes. I was lectured quite often for that. I also would take dog toe nail clippers to their extremities and put them in a nice little gory pile:) I am going to put up a section of all my messed up ones, including the one that celebrated the 4th of July in 88'!

Oh gosh, I remember buying my first 4 pack like it was 10 years ago! I got them out of a bin at F&M. I would buy the big 28 packs whenever I got a chance to go to "Childrens Palace". I also remember scanning all the packs on the rack for the infamous GREEN HAND that I wanted more than any other MUSCLE. My mom coaxed me into cleaning my room by rewarding me with a 4 pack with a blue HAND guy. Well, I can honestly say that alot of my childhood memories involved MUSCLEs and I would get right back to buying them if they were revived.

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