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This page is dedicated to one of my all time favorite pastimes; mastering the whilrling OKINAWAN martial art weapon of NUNCHAKUS!

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I finally took care of the bandwidth problem that came to my attention. Some of you may have recieved an occasional error message when trying to get to this page because of heavy traffic (yay for the popularity though). I TRIPLED my bandwidth, so hopefully this won't be a problem. We're doctoring up some VHS potential footage, and reshooting some things- then comes getting a quote for possibly mass-recording the tapes. There has been such a positive response that it just may work out better financially to mass produce. Look for some more clips like these soon- done in the same style as my upcoming VHS tape. Here is the best one And there is a shorter demo clip Here. Wish me luck on my first tournament, coming up on 3-23 in Milwaukee. I'll be sparring in competition for the first time, eep! Oh yeah, I recently earned by Green Belt in the American Taekwondo Association .

Also, I have my own Yahoo Club called The Free-style Nunchaku forum which is a good place to help eachother out with techniques once we get it off the ground with enough people.

I created a separate page about my soon-to-be-made VHS tape. Go read all the details here .

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